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Korea to Transition (K2T) Lessons: Digital Transformation of Financial Market Infrastructure

EBRD Policy Academy

Korea to Transition (K2T) Lessons

About the Module

This Module is designed for policymakers, government officials, the private sector, the public, and international economic stakeholders. It aids knowledge transfer and equips learners to study better the vast pool of international experience regarding state-owned enterprises. Effective operation of state-owned enterprises and the adherence to the necessary standards of corporate governance are critical to ensure their meaningful contribution to structural change and continued economic growth.

This online training Module is web-based. Therefore, it is not required to download any software. Please be aware that the "EBRD Policy Academy" does not provide tutor support.


Length: approximately 2 weeks

Effort: 2 hours per week

Module duration: approximately 4 hours

Language: U.S. English



Note: The personal expert views of the featured lecturers - that are shared within these learning materials - do not necessarily represent the official position of the EBRD or the position of other institutions and organizations with which non-EBRD lecturers are associated.


List of Lecturers 


Mattia Romani
Head of Sustainability, Autonomy Capital
2017 — Managing Director Economics, Policy, and Governance; EBRD


Session One: Payment Systems

Kim, Haesul
Senior Researcher, Research Center, KFTC


Session Two: Fintech Innovation Policy in Korea

Son, Sungkyun
Deputy Manager
Fintech Center Korea


Session Three: Global Trends in Central Bank Digital Currency

Shim, Hee-won
Senior Researcher, KFTC


Session Four: Open Banking and Open Finance in Korea

Lee, Heejin
Analyst, KFTC

Kwon, Yongbin
Assistant Manager, KFTC

Park, Chul
Senior Analyst, KFTC


Session Five: Korea's Online Name Verification

Kim, Youngjee
Manager, Hana Bank

Chang, Eun-jin
Senior Assosiate, KFTC


Session Six: Introduction t o KFTC's Digital Certificate Services

Kisoo Hong
Senior Manager, KFTC Financial Authentication Center


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