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Public-Private Partnerships: Scaling-Up Infrastructure Investment

EBRD Policy Academy

This Module aims to introduce the EBRD thinking and practice of dealing with the delivery of the best PPPs of both worlds: the private sector with its resources, management skills, and technology; and the public sector with its regulatory actions and protection of the public interest.

About the Module 

Public-private partnerships ("PPPs") in the public services sector have become a common occurrence around the globe, generating significant interest over the last several years. 

This widespread interest in PPPs is a result of their unique structure. PPPs avoid the possible negative effects resulting from either exclusive public ownership and delivery of services or outright privatization. PPPs combine the best of both worlds: the private sector with its resources, management skills, technology, and the public sector with its regulatory actions and protection of the public interest. 

A lack of understanding about how policy translates into practice has eroded the credibility of various academic and political discussions regarding PPPs. PPPs entail sophisticated legal and financial structures that take long negotiations and must align with different interests. Additionally, there are often challenges in decision-making and execution when governments pursue a PPP route for infrastructure delivery. 

This Module is designed for policymakers, government officials, the private sector, and international economic stakeholders. It aids knowledge transfer and equips the audience to better learn from the vast pool of international experience in PPPs.

This online training Module is web-based. Therefore, it is not required to download any software. Please be aware that "EBRD Policy Academy" does not provide tutor support.

Disclaimer: The content was captured in December 2017, while the Module was developed in March-December 2021. 


Learning Objectives

The Module, "Public-Private Partnerships: Scaling-Up Infrastructure Investment", has four self-paced sessions and is aiming to:

(i) Enhance the understanding of the importance of disclosure in PPPs and explain the rationale behind implementing PPPs;

(ii) Improve the awareness, capacity, and skills of the public sector in developing successful and non-successful PPPs;

(iii) Expose the key issues relevant to the development of PPPs and explore potential solutions to mitigate possible problems; and

(iv) Assess the suitability of international financial institutions for PPPs, and also stakeholders’ perspectives on the role of organizations such as the EBRD.

One of the long-term learning objectives is to increase the likelihood of developing and implementing a successful PPP program that delivers appropriate projects effectively and efficiently while providing Value for Money solutions for society's infrastructure needs.

Length: Approximately 2-3 weeks

Effort: 2-3 hours per week

Module duration: Approximately 7 hours 30 minutes, including assessments and interactive activities

Language: U.S. English


Note: The personal expert views of the featured lecturers - that are shared within these learning materials - do not necessarily represent the official position of the EBRD or the position of other institutions and organizations with which non-EBRD lecturers are associated.


EBRD "Knowledge Champions" for Module (Subject-Matter Experts)

Marcos Martinez Garcia
Head of PPP Advisory Unit, EBRD
2017 — Associate Director & Sector Specialist Infrastructure Policy and Project Preparation, EBRD

Hiromi Sakurai
Principal Manager, PPP Advisory Unit, EBRD


List of Lecturers 


Mattia Romani
Head of Sustainability, Autonomy Capital
2017 — Managing Director Economics, Policy, and Governance; EBRD


Session One: Public-Private Partnerships: The Main Characteristics

Alex Chirmiciu
Head of Impact for Industry, Commerce, and Agribusiness; EBRD
2017 — Associate Director & Lead Infrastructure Economist, EBRD


Session Two: Public-Private Partnerships: The Practical Aspects

Marcos Martinez Garcia
Head of PPP Advisory Unit, EBRD
2017 — Associate Director & Sector Specialist Infrastructure Policy and Project Preparation, EBRD


Session Three: Public-Private Partnerships: Turkey'sCase Study

Sule Kilic
Associate Director & Deputy Head of Turkey Infrastructure, EBRD


Session Four: Public-Private Partnerships: The Key Lessons Learned

Matthew Jordan-Tank
Director Sustainable Infrastructure Policy & Project Preparation, EBRD
2017 — Associate Director & Head Infrastructure Policy and Project Preparation, EBRD

Julia Prescot
Chief Strategy Officer & Co-Founder, Meridiam

John Seed
2017 — Sector Lead Global Advisory Services, Mott Macdonald


The EBRD Policy Academy is supported by the "TaiwanBusiness-EBRD Technical Cooperation Fund".


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